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By | June 6, 2017

UAN Activation – Procedure for UAN Activation and Registration, Activate UAN Number with SMS:

Steps for UAN Activation: UAN Activation is Compulsory for Every Employee. Without UAN Activation, Employee can not use any service provided on UAN Member Portal. There are several ways for UAN Activation, Here you get complete information about UAN Activation.

UAN is the Universal Account Number which is allotted to EPFO Members. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has introduced UAN Number from the year 2014. The purpose of issue of UAN is to give a unique number to all Employees of India who contributes towards EPF Scheme.

The UAN is a single number for Multiple EPF Accounts. With UAN Services, the Government of India wants to make all EPF transactions more transparent and faster. All former Employees have been allotted UAN Number from January 2014 to June 2014. The EPFO has given instructions to Employers to allot UAN to every New Employee. Thus, there are rare Employees in India who do not have UAN.

Why UAN when I already have EPF Account Number /Member ID

uan activation

Universal Account Number is different from EPF Account Number and Member ID. So the Employees think why should they get UAN Number in addition to EPF Account Number? Because UAN Number is mandatory to use all services available on UAN Member Portal. In last three years, the EPFO Organization has linked various EPF related services with UAN Portal.

The Employees can use their EPF Account Number and Member ID on EPFO Portal at The UAN is useful for Activation and Registration on UAN Member Portal, Login to UAN Member e-Sewa Portal etc. With help of UAN Number, the Employees can know their EPF Balance for Multiple PF Accounts at one place.

Benefits of UAN Activation

The UAN Number is beneficial for the Employees to utilize UAN Services. The EPF Balance can be checked online and by SMS at anytime with UAN Number. The Employees can access many other UAN Based Services only after Activation and Registration of UAN. The Employees can Update KYC Details, Passbook Download, Check Claim Status etc. after UAN is successfully Activated.

The Employees can find their UAN Number on their Salary Pay Slip. In case the UAN is not printed on Pay Slip, the Employees should contact the HR Department or respective Employer. Because it comes under duty of the Employer to allot UAN (Universal Account Number) to existing and newly joined Employees.

UAN Passbook Download:

The Employees can download their EPF Passbook after the UAN Activation Process is complete. The UAN Member Portal provides Updated Passbook with all Debit and Credit Entries /Transactions of Employee’s Provident Fund Account. The EPF Passbook can be downloaded from m-epf Mobile App and by logging on to UAN Member e-Sewa Portal.

UAN Activation and Registration

Universal Account Number is an important part of every Employee’s life. Generally the UAN is given by Employees’ Provident Fund Organization when the Employer adds any New Employee. The Employer passes the UAN Number to respective Employee. Once the Employee obtains UAN, he/she should visit UAN Member Portal.

The Employees are required to Activate their UAN by providing some personal details. In addition to UAN and personal info, the Employees must have an Active Mobile Number. The Registration System will use Employee’s Mobile Number for Verification by Authorization Pin.

Necessary Documents for UAN Activation and Registration

The Employee must have following documents and details to Register and Activate UAN:

  • Universal Account Number (UAN)  OR
  • Member ID  OR
  • AADHAAR Number  OR
  • PAN Number  and
  • Employee’s Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Active Mobile Number
  • Email ID (optional)

When the Employee collects all the above information, he/she can proceed for UAN Activation and Registration.

How to Activate UAN

01) UAN Activation by UAN Member Portal

The Employees can Activate UAN online through UAN Member Portal. Here we present some easy steps for UAN Activation as follows:

  1. Log on to UAN Member Portal at
  2. Find out Important Links and click on Activate UAN to begin.
  3. Enter your 12 Digit UAN (Universal Account Number) or 22 Digit Member ID (PF Account Number) or 12 Digit Aadhaar Number or 10 Digit PAN Number.
  4. Enter your Name exactly as written on the Document you provided.
  5. Then enter your Date of Birth (DOB) in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  6. Enter your 10 Digit Mobile Number without Country Code or Zero before the Number.
  7. You can provide your Email ID if you wish to, it is optional.
  8. Enter the Captcha code as displayed in the image above the box.
  9. Finally click on Get Authorization Pin to get Pin on your Mobile Number by SMS.
  10. Now you are required to enter the Pin same as received on your Mobile and create a Password for UAN Login.
  11. Save and note down your Login Credentials i.e. UAN Number and Password for future reference.

02) UAN Activation by Mobile App (m-epf)

The Employees can Activate UAN from Mobile Application. In order to use the EPF Mobile App, the Employees must have an Android Smartphone and Internet Connection. There is a simple procedure for UAN Activation through m-EPF App which is described as under:

  1. Open Application Menu on your Android Mobile.
  2. Click on Play Store or Google Play Store App to open it.
  3. Make sure Mobile Data or WiFi is ON in your Phone otherwise the Play Store will not work.
  4. Open the Play Store and tap on Search Bar.
  5. Type m-epf and click on Search button to proceed.
  6. You will see many number of Apps with the name EPF.
  7. You should click on m-epf, powered by, IS-Division, EPF India (it is the Official EPF App).
  8. Select the Install button and click on Accept to start downloading.
  9. Wait until the m-epf App gets downloaded and installed on your Mobile.
  10. Open the m-epf Mobile App and you will see three section i.e. Member, Pensioner and Employer.
  11. Now select MEMBER section to go to next page.
  12. Then click on ACTIVATE UAN button to start.
  13. Select your relevant EPFO Office from the available list.
  14. Provide your Member ID i.e. Establishment Code, Extension Code and Employee Number.
  15. Also provide your Universal Account Number (UAN).
  16. Finally, enter your Mobile Number (the Number must be active at the time of registration.)
  17. Select the box saying “I declare above details pertain to me and are correct.”
  18. Click on ACTIVATE button to activate your UAN by Mobile App.
  19. You will see on a response message your Mobile Screen “Your UAN is Activated Successfully.”

03) UAN Activation by SMS

The UAN Activation can also be processed by SMS. The Employees can easily Activate their UAN by just sending a Simple Text Message from their Mobile Phone. UAN Activation by SMS is very useful for those Employees who do not have an Android Smartphone. Please follow the procedure mentioned below to Activate your UAN by SMS:

  1. Open Message Application on your Mobile.
  2. Select New Message or Create Message option.
  3. Type EPFOHO ACT,<<12 Digit UAN Number>>,<<22 Digit Member ID>>.
  4. Please keep in mind that there must not be any space before and after coma in SMS Text (mentioned above).
  5. Send the SMS Message to the number 07738299899.
  6. After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS Message showing your UAN Activation is Successful.
  7. Once the UAN is Activated, you can use UAN Services like Credit Alerts in your EPF Account, View Passbook etc.

Kindly visit UAN Member Portal at OR EPFO Portal at for more information about UAN Activation and Registration, Importance of UAN, Benefits of UAN Activation and Various Methods of UAN Activation.

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